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My first ever blog post

I decided to start a blog today … finally!

As the title suggests this blog is devoted to teaching and learning XPages development.  The “Teaching XPages” reflects mostly what I do as a founding partner at TLCC.  Most of my time these days is devoted to developing and delivering XPages courses for TLCC.

The “and Learning XPages” in the title can be interpreted in two ways:

  • for you the reader this blog will be a place for you to learn XPages development, and,
  • for me the blogger this blog will be a place for me to learn XPages development … huh?

That’s right, I also expect to learn more about XPages development by posting here, just as I learn whenever I develop a demonstration or a lesson for a course.

In terms of the target audience for this blog you’re a beginner or wannabe XPages developer.  I plan to focus on the basics, the introductory topics.  The experienced and master XPages developer likely won’t find my posts interesting.

OK, enough for my first blog post, now to see if this actually works.

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